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Iowa ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Iowa. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Iowa has a total number of 686,562 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits range from 50-52. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
IAWarren CountyACKWORTH50001
IAAdair CountyADAIR50002
IADallas CountyADEL50003
IAMarshall CountyALBION50005
IAFranklin CountyALDEN50006
IAPolk CountyALLEMAN50007
IAWayne CountyALLERTON50008
IAPolk CountyALTOONA50009
IAStory CountyAMES50010
IAStory CountyAMES50011
IAStory CountyAMES50012
IAStory CountyAMES50013
IABoone CountyAMES50014
IAAdair CountyANITA50020
IAPolk CountyANKENY50021
IAAudubon CountyATLANTIC50022
IAPolk CountyANKENY50023
IAAudubon CountyAUDUBON50025
IAGreene CountyBAGLEY50026
IAMahaska CountyBARNES CITY50027
IAJasper CountyBAXTER50028
IAGreene CountyBAYARD50029
IABoone CountyBEAVER50031
IAPolk CountyBERWICK50032
IAMadison CountyBEVINGTON50033
IAHamilton CountyBLAIRSBURG50034
IAPolk CountyBONDURANT50035
IABoone CountyBOONE50036
IABoone CountyBOONE50037
IADallas CountyBOONEVILLE50038
IABoone CountyBOUTON50039
IABoone CountyBOXHOLM50040
IAFranklin CountyBRADFORD50041
IAAudubon CountyBRAYTON50042
IAHardin CountyBUCKEYE50043
IAMahaska CountyBUSSEY50044
IAPolk CountyCAMBRIDGE50046
IAPolk CountyCARLISLE50047
IAAdair CountyCASEY50048
IALucas CountyCHARITON50049
IACalhoun CountyCHURDAN50050
IAMarshall CountyCLEMONS50051
IAWayne CountyCLIO50052
IAJasper CountyCOLFAX50054
IAJasper CountyCOLLINS50055
IAStory CountyCOLO50056
IAMarion CountyCOLUMBIA50057
IAAudubon CountyCOON RAPIDS50058
IAGreene CountyCOOPER50059
IAWayne CountyCORYDON50060
IADallas CountyCUMMING50061
IAMarion CountyMELCHER DALLAS50062
IADallas CountyDALLAS CENTER50063
IABoone CountyDANA50064
IADecatur CountyDAVIS CITY50065
IADallas CountyDAWSON50066
IADecatur CountyDECATUR50067
IALucas CountyDERBY50068
IADallas CountyDE SOTO50069
IAAdair CountyDEXTER50070
IAFranklin CountyDOWS50071
IADallas CountyEARLHAM50072
IAPolk CountyELKHART50073
IARinggold CountyBEACONSFIELD50074
IAHamilton CountyELLSWORTH50075
IAAudubon CountyEXIRA50076
IAMarshall CountyFERGUSON50078
IABoone CountyBOONE50099
IAWright CountyGALT50101
IAHardin CountyGARDEN CITY50102
IADecatur CountyGARDEN GROVE50103
IAKeokuk CountyGIBSON50104
IAStory CountyGILBERT50105
IAJasper CountyGILMAN50106
IAClarke CountyGRAND RIVER50108
IADallas CountyGRANGER50109
IAAudubon CountyGRAY50110
IADallas CountyGRIMES50111
IAJasper CountyGRINNELL50112